PCI Compliance

The Smart Approach to PCI DSS Compliance

With the PCI Security Standard continually evolving and new threats always emerging, merchants are finding that achieving and managing compliance is more costly, more time consuming, and more resource intensive than anticipated. As recent breaches have proven, even merchants that achieve compliance are finding that PCI compliance management does not equal security.

We don’t just solve PCI Compliance problems, we make them go away.

How to Quickly and Easily Achieve PCI Compliance

By using integrated payment solutions, merchants can achieve PCI Compliance in days.

Download this pre-filled SAQ A version 1.2 as if you had our solutions implemented.

You’ll need to work with a Qualified Security Assessor to verify your qualification with this version of the SAQ.

4 Easy Steps to PCI Compliance:

  • Sign up with Stratus
  • Download the pre-filled SAQ A version 1.2 and verify it is consistent with business practices
  • Contact a Qualified Security Assessor. We recommend Tech Lock
  • Receive your certificate of compliance

PCI Compliance Solution benefits:

  • Increased Data Security: No sensitive data is present in a merchant environment to be stolen
  • Same Customer Experience: No change to user experience – No 3rd party hosted page
  • Same Data Control: Same functionality and control over credit card data
  • Same Acceptance Channels: Including website, phone, and mail
  • Fewer Constrictions: Operate without the burdensome required controls and procedures
  • Ease of Integration: Begin the transaction in your host system

Taking the Pain Out of PCI DSS Compliance

  • Eliminate the handling, processing and storing of credit card data
  • Retain full data usability
  • Achieve PCI compliance in as few as 60 days
  • Maintain the same user experience