Recurring Billing

Set up Recurring Billing in under 60 seconds. Itís never been easier.

How does Recurring Billing work?

  • Enter the schedule into the desktop interface (Take the initial payment and set the schedule at the same time!)
  • Collect from either a checking account or credit card
  • Notify customers of collected payments with branded email receipts
  • Funds are automatically deposited into your bank account
  • Pause or cancel a payment schedule at any time
  • Receive 48-hour notification of any NSF or declined transactions

How does Recurring Billing help my business?

  • Set it and forget it feature saves you time - increases ease of use for your customer which increases your payments
  • Always on-time payments improve cash flow
  • Convenient payment processing software and payment options improves customer service
  • Automatic schedule eliminates late fees and collection calls
  • Securely stored information and reporting eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Paperless process decreases invoicing costs by 90%

You can also send one-time or recurring email invoices to your customers, enabling them to pay you with credit card or ACH electronic check via a branded online payment form.


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